From The Gathering Storm

Recently, NPR held a debate on Hamas. The debate was part of a series called Intelligence Squared U.S., produced in New York by WYNC. Through a number of intellectual contortions the inteligencia labored over the motion whether Hamas was a government entity or a terrorist organization.

Steven Cook (from left), John O’Sullivan and Daniel Ayalon argued in support of the motion, “A democratically elected Hamas is still a terrorist organization.” Mark Perry (from left), Mahmoud Mohamedou and Stanley Cohen argued against the motion.

I don’t really don’t understand what was the argument. They could have just as well argued how many angels can dance on the head of pin.


What you have here is a perfect example of how democracy is misunderstood today. The Left points to the election of tyrannical governments in Iran and Lebanon and says, “See? This is what Democracy is all about. The will of the people.” For some reason that escapes me, why can’t they read a little history and see that democracies do not guarantee personal freedom. The voting population can just as well vote in a Stalin or a Jefferson. Neither result guarantees the rights of individuals and their protection. That comes from the laws the nation works under and those laws can written to enslave or free its citizens.

Democracy produces freedoms when there is a built in set of protections like the Bill of Rights and a courts to enforce those rights. In addition, that democratically elected government must be secular in nature. Theocratic governments have little respect for the laws made by man, only those made by God. Thus we have Iran and constitutions in Iraq and Afghanistan that state both are Islamic Republics and the final arbiter of what is to become law and what is not is the Koran interpreted by some unelected mullahs.

It would be as if the US Congress passes a bill, the President signs it and then it goes to the Supreme Court who opens the Bible to make sure it doesn’t violate any of it contradictory teachings.

Hitler was democratically elected. Mussolini was democratically elected. Both were allowed by the populace to tear down the edifice of freedom in Germany and Italy in the 1930s. Any government formed on the foundation of Islam will produce tyranny and not freedom.

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