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Gag alert! Put down that coffee and move away from mug.

Deen Al-Islam, aka: The Perfect Way of Life fawned over Allah’s blessing to Afghanistan. What was it? You probably guessed. The Taliban.

The following is an extract from a recent reply to questions asked, via e-mail, by a non-Muslim, about the Taliban. The question from the Kaffir was a reasonable one:

You say that, “the Taliban represent genuine Islam”. Now, I do not doubt that the Taliban have been severely maligned in the West, but before the US occupation of Afghanistan the Taliban were responsible for the destruction of the two giant Buddha statues. This destruction could be seen as indicative of the intolerance Islam has for other religions, and does seem to contradict the impression you gave that Islam is respectful towards other religions.

The response from Deen Al-Islam:

What the West and its apostate lackeys think or believe about the Taliban and their actions – and what they use to base their kaffir opinions on – are irrelevant. One has to go beyond all the Zionist-Crusader rhetoric, lies and propaganda in order to understand the context and the truth of what occurred. The context was two-fold. First, the issue of the sanctions which the West imposed on Afghanistan, then one of the poorest countries in the world. The United Nations announced that it would give money to aid or support the protection of the restoration of the statues while many people in Afghanistan, as a result of the harsh, punitive sanctions imposed by the arrogant hypocritical West, were starving and dying of starvation. Many of the Taliban thus regarded this offer of aid for such statues as an insult, with the West and its lackeys seeming to favour such statues over the lives of Muslims.

Talk about spinning an answer! The harsh, punitive sanctions imposed by the arrogant hypocritical West? Must have learned that rhetoric from the Left. Don’t ask why sanctions were imposed on a despicable, barbaric, mid-evil regime like the Taliban that no civilized person or nation could stomach. Oh no! Think of the poor little Afghans who are so happy under the thumb of the Taliban and the arrogant hypocritical West who can’t seem to stomach their savageness and tries to end the suffering of the Afghans in the Taliban’s Sharia paradise.

Second, this gave impetus to the campaign to destroy the statues, which some Ulaamah in Afghanistan at the time regarded as idols which could, according to Quran and Sunnah, be destroyed if they were or had become a focus to divert people away from the path of Deen Al-Islam and thus from what is really important about life – which is Jannah; which is honour; and not this world, and not the preservation, at the cost of human lives, of some artefacts. Certainly, the statues had become the focus for “international attention” and thus became a type of idol for many..

So, let’s see. The West’s fixation on preserving a piece of archeological history for future generations is just idol worship?

And this statement takes the cake.

This Muslim way – the heart of Shariah – is a very civilized, a very human, way of doing things, and once again is a way, a means of doing things, which is far superior to each and every way of the arrogant West.

Let’s look at the Sharia way – the “very civilized, a very human, way of doing things”.

‘nuff said.
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