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To quote Up Pompeii, “A library book on bomb-making, sir? You’ll find it under Religion”.

The politically correct morons in the UK just can’t do enough to show the world that they couldn’t think their way out of a paper burka. It seem UK libraries are infested – and that’s the correct word – with Jihadist literature including instructions on bomb making, holy wars, violence against women and kafirs- books by convicted Muslim terrorists.

HARDLINE Islamic literature popular with jihadist terrorists found prominently on the shelves of public libraries in Britain is a “major threat to public safety”, a think-tank said today.

A survey the Centre for Social Cohesion found literature written by extremists and jailed preachers made up much of the Islamic collections in London’s Tower Hamlets. Works by more moderate scholars were less common and given less prominence, the report claimed.

This “warped” presentation of Islam represented a “major threat to public safety”, the report’s main author and think-tank’s director Douglas Murray said. Multiple copies of books by clerics Abu Hamza al-Masri and Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who have been convicted of inciting mass murder of Christians, Jews and Hindus, were available on the shelves.

Tower Hamlets Council insisted its unbalanced Islamic collections were being improved.

Hello!? I think the choice of books is not the only thing “unbalanced’ at the Tower Hamlets Council.

Mr Murray said: “This is akin to going to the history section of your local library and finding the shelves covering the Second World War only containing copies of Mein Kampf and books by Hitler’s inner circle and only one general history book to balance things out.

Tower Hamlets council said it would not remove any of the books because the writings themselves remain legal in Britain so we return to the sage old question in this war. Who is the enemy and when do we exercise sedition laws? If the UK refuses to defend itself due to enemy insensibilities, where goes the once proud British lion?

And it isn’t any better in this country. The political correct mental disease is well entrenched and healthy. Prisons have removed Jewish and Christian books from their libraries so as to allow prison officials, within today’s suffocating multiculturalist ethos, to remove also books advocating jihad violence and Islamic supremacism.

It takes quite a bit of neurotic double-think to come up with a solution like that.

In a statement it said: “As part of an on-going 12-month review of our library stock, we have improved the balance of the Islamic literature in our libraries by purchasing a wider range of Islamic books to reflect the broad range of views within the Islamic world.”

Right. Madness! Complete and utter madness!

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