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So everyone’s a flutter over the recent elections in Pakistan where moderate candidates had won the day. The new ruling party, expected to lead the new government of Pakistan’s terrorism-racked North West Frontier Province, plans to follow a radical new policy.

Taking on the extremists that live in their midst and put an end to Al-Qaeda’s control over the Northern Provinces? Chase OBL out of Pakistan and into the waiting arms of our troops in Afghanistan?


The new radical policy is… Wait for it…

Opening up peace talks with Islamic militants linked to al-Qaeda.

The Awami National Party, which won the most seats in last week’s election in the Frontier province that borders Afghanistan, would abandon the largely military approach of the regime of President Pervez Musharraf that was heavily backed by Washington.

“The war on terror has failed,” said Haji Mohammad Adeel, secretary-general of the ANP, in an interview at the party headquarters. “There should be no war. In world history, not a single war against guerrillas was successful. Only dialogue can solve these problems.”

Yep. Makes sense to me. Just surrender. Nothing else worked.

Mr. Adeel said that his party would work through the jirga tradition of the Pashtun people, who are the main ethnic group in the Frontier and neighbouring Afghanistan. Jirgas are meetings of tribal elders to solve problems and dispense justice. He said the new ANP-led government would start a dialogue with the Pakistani Taliban based in the country’s tribal belt, known as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a strip that lies between the Frontier Province and Afghanistan.

Once the jirga system was established and trust built, the 80,000-plus Pakistani troops currently in FATA, fighting militants and securing the Afghan border, would be pulled out, Mr. Adeel said. He suggested that the Afghan government should also pursue talks with the Taliban there.

“The basic problem is the Pakistan army, the Pakistani establishment and the Americans. You can’t fight for another 20 years.”

My God.

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