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The Dutch government has lost its mind. Really! How does one respond to such blatant idiocy as this.

THE HAGUE, 03/07/07 – The cabinet considers radical Muslims are in principle allowed to use democratic procedures with the aim of undermining democracy. This is not dangerous; democracy is strong enough to withstand such a movement.

Yep – you read that right. The Dutch will allow an avowed enemy to their society to work to undermine their very culture! The Dutch cabinet is not talking about moderate Islam or Islam or words to that affect. It’s talking about radical Islam!

The government is convinced that “religion – thus, also Islam – can make a positive contribution to cohesion in society.”

Contributions like honor killings, forced marriages, clitoris mutilation? Those positive contributions?

The cabinet stresses that everyone is free to set up a political party on any basis whatever. “If such a party wants to use democratic procedures to undermine democracy – something of which there is no question in the Netherlands at the moment – the ‘self-cleansing powers’ of able-bodied democracy will do its work.”

To even make such a statement is absolutely nuts! Would they allow the Nazis to set up a political party in their country to undermine their government? Oh, that’s right. They did.

In the case that the ‘self-cleansing powers’ would not work adequately, “the government has (criminal law) instruments at its disposal to defend the democracy actively.” The cabinet referred here to the possibility of “setting and maintaining boundaries to the public debate.”

Right. Boundaries. We’ve seen how boundaries work in Holland when dealing with Muslims here, here, here, here and here. I can go on.

The government was reacting to a report from the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) on Islam in the Netherlands. A Lower House majority last year characterised this report as a political document rather than a scientific analysis. The WRR concluded that many politicians, including the present Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, were involved in “Islam bashing.”

Oh! We mustn’t have that.

The WRR found among other things that the Sharia, the Islamic law, was often wrongly depicted as barbaric.

Have these elitist pinheads been living under a rock? Don’t they read the news? Shariah law as its practiced today in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of South- East Asia IS barbaric?

The cabinet comments that “the presence of large groups of migrants of non-Western origin has given an impetus to thinking about the place of religion in society”. It agrees with the WRR that “participants in the Islam debate often take a biased position”. (…) “With its meticulous and broad analysis, the WRR offers a counterweight to this.”

“Meticulous and broad analysis” – yeah, right. Just like terrorists come from a “broad spectrum” of society.

Like Britain, the Dutch are lost and Amstedamistan is following in the steps of Londonistan. If you are Dutch and reading this, please tell us what is happening to your country.

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