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So here’s the plan – at least in the minds of the fuzzy pea-sized brains of the moonbats.

You see, Fitna has been giving moonbats fits. (Excuse the pun) They would like to have the film pulled from every nook and cranny of the Internet. Unfortunately that is now impossible. Fitna has gone viral.

So what to do? What to do? Here’s their plan. Since they can’t remove it from public viewing and know that the poor little victimized Muslims are demanding an apology – they will apologize themselves. Scroll down at that URL for more examples.

You see, they’re tired of waiting for an apology from those that belive in free speech, so a group of moonbats are doing it themselves in their moon bat fashion.


And in their usual disgusting submissive style, this is what they have to say about their submission to Islam. And it IS disgusting.

There is this not-so-intelligent Dutch politician that attracts attention by doing populist provocations. His name is Wilders. Geert Wilders.

He is scared of aliens and especially of muslim aliens. He attracts votes of people that are scared of Islam too. To get more votes, he tries to scare more people. And now he’s suggesting to release a movie called “Fitna” that’s radically critical towards islam. This hits an open nerve in Dutch media of course.

We all remember how our favourite asshole cinematographer Theo was slaughtered like a pig in the street after making “Submission” with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Only by implication, this artificially blonde embarrassment claims death defying heroism! It is sooo embarrassing to be Dutch some times.

I’m sorry.

Yeah. I know. That cold cup of coffee has just boiled over in your hand.

So they make their own Fitna movie – see above and others on the website. Their plan, and get his, they’ll compete for attention with lamebrain videos like this one.

We can compete for attention however. And we can produce disinformation. So we are going to make Movies called “Fitna” in which we apologise for Geert Wilders embarrassing behaviour. We will make so many of them that it will be hard to find the movie by Wilders without finding lots of movies apologising for it.

So if you want to join in; just make your own Fitna movie and put it on line. Put on a blonde wig, look cross eyed and say you’re sorry.

Let’s smother this Wilders in our apologies. If we work hard enough, no one will be able to find his crap among all the noise we produce. And the world knows how we feel about Wilders and his opportunism.


I agree. What a sorry ass bunch of dhimmis Europe has.


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