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So. Quo Vadis Muslim Assimilation?

Here’s what Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had to say on the subject – and on German soil!

He told cheering Turkish workers and Germans of Turkish ancestry that assimilation is “a crime against humanity”. Of course facts such as these are conveniently ignored by the multicultural political correct neurotic dim wits of the EU. Throw in Europe’s anti-American stance and we have a continent ripe for the picking.


Europe is short on energy and depends on illiberal Russia and the Middle East for its fuel. Both these regions are sick and tired of Europe’s empty lectures about human rights and feel only disdain for its absence of military might to back up its sermonizing.

But Europe is also anti-American, and now in a world of Ahmadinejihads, Putins, Chinese communist apparatchiks, and thuggish Latin American strongmen, it has more or less alienated the only reliable and capable resource it might have drawn on — the goodwill of the United States.

But given their inherent military weakness and rough neighborhood, they have grown to count on an antithetical America — religious, conservative, militarily strong — that is not afraid to use force to fulfill its obligations to preserve the shared Western globalized system from its constant multifarious challenges.

In short, I doubt the United States will “surge” anything in the Balkans. We will be quite happy to see a postmodern European solution to an essentially European problem.

Maybe we should just let them stew in their own juices.

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