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How did that quote go? “”Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute.” Australia is learning its own version of that quote.

NEARLY half a billion dollars may have been spent on a the national plan to help assimilate Muslims into Australian society – but it is not clear exactly where the money has gone.

Senator Ludwig said there had been recent speculation that as much as $461 million had been spent on programs including those helping Australian Muslims assimilate.

I still can’t understand what with Muslims that they are the only religious group in the world that needs such help in assimilating. On the one hand they think they are Allah’s gift to mankind while on the other they need millions of dollars to learn how to live peacefully with their neighbors.

Senator Ludwig said he wanted to know exactly what programs worked towards assimilation, but told the hearing he could not get an answer. “I am still trying to get an answer, because it’s part of financial accountability,” he said.

Mr Metcalfe said the National Action Plan was developed specifically in consultation with the Muslim community and with states, to provide a range of responses to the London bombings. Mr Metcalfe said Australia had one of the most diverse populations in the western developed world, and the department administered a range of programs.

Senator Ludwig said: “I would note that I did not get a response to the question.”

I bet he would.

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