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Thanks to Vigilant Freedom we learn of two new bend over and grab your ankles appeasement stories this week. One coming out of Britain and the other from useful idiots in – yes – Minneapolis.

First Britain. The legal muzzling of critics of Islam reaches new heights with the British ‘Racial and Religious Hatred Act”

Beginning on Monday, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act will take effect in the UK, allowing for individuals to be prosecuted for “inciting religious hatred”.

“The new offence can be committed by broadcasting, writing in a blog or on a website, recording sounds which are threatening, or in the performance of a play if there is intent to stir up religious hatred. Offences can be punished by a prison term of up to seven years and an unlimited fine. Where a company is found guilty of an offence and it is shown that the offence was committed with the consent or connivance of a director or manager, that person as well as the company itself can be punished.”

That should put the kibosh on free speech in the country that fathered it. You can read the entire act here:
On to the U.S.

First it was footbaths – now this. Just what the hell is going on at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College? Are they teaching technology or religion?

“Yesterday a student at MCTC wrote us concerning a small room on the third floor of the Technical Building, which I visited to take a look at myself. The room is identified as a “masjid” (mosque) and has Muslim-themed flyers (such as one on “the five pillars of Islam”) on and around the door. It is, moreover, designated for “sisters” only. According to a statement on the door, a comparable room is reserved for “brothers” at the same location on the fifth floor. These facilities, whatever they are, are apparently reserved for the use of Muslims.”

The college has since replied: (

“Thank you for calling this matter to our attention. The college recently received a request from the Somali Student Association for the use of additional space. We evaluated the request through the process used for all space requests made by recognized student organizations. Unused space was identified and provided with the understanding that it could be used until needed by the college for other purposes. In recent days, without the knowledge of either the college or the student organization leaders, an unidentified individual put up two handmade signs designating these spaces for gender-specific religious use. Consistent with college practices, those postings have been replaced with two room signs identifying the student organizations using those spaces.”

Johnson told his readers the message contained, “a slight unresponsiveness.”

No surprise there.

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