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We all remember the Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis who refused to carry riders who had alcohol or a dog in their possession. Well, the issue has finally made its way through the bureaucracy of the Minneapolis Metropolitan Airport Commission and they have given their decision to the Muslims cabbies.

Tough Shiite!

The Metropolitan Airport Commission tried to mediate the dispute, but the cabbies refused to back down from their demands, forcing the MAC’s hand. Today, they gave their answer:

Starting May 11, airport taxi drivers who refuse to transport riders carrying alcohol will be suspended for 30 days. And after a second offense, their license would be revoked for two years.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission voted 11-0 Monday to approve the crackdown, which some Muslim drivers say violates their religious beliefs. Commissioners called the change reasonable, practical and important for rider safety.

“We are sending a message that if you want to drive a taxi at our airport you can’t refuse our customers,” Steve Wareham, operations manager of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Good. Now let’s send that message to Muslims who want separate swimming pools, foot washing basins, Muslim clerks who can’t handle pork or alcohol, and women only gym time for Muslim women. If you can’t function in our day-to day-society, find someplace else.

But the Muslim cabbies are not giving up. They do t heir best to make the infidel submit to their way of life. The attorney representing the cabbies predicts that the case will reach the state Supreme Court.

Will they submit?


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