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Question: What do you get for crashing your Jeep Cherokee into a Glasgow terminal building, trying to blow up infidels, catch fire and taken into custody?

Answer: You get to move to the front of a long line ahead of British citizens for an expensive operation for free!

More madness from the dhimmis who lead us.

She made medical history when her burns scars were treated with a radical process derived from shark skin. And normally 18-year-old drama student Teri Copland would be delighted to hear how the breakthrough treatment is being used to help another burns victim.

But when the person about to receive the expensive treatment is the terror suspect accused of driving a blazing Jeep loaded with gas canisters into the busy main terminal at Glasgow Airport, she can’t help but feel just a little less than sympathetic.

“I had to wait a year to get that treatment, and he gets it in a couple of weeks,” said Teri, who suffered third degree burns and scarring across more than a third of her body in a childhood scalding accident. “A bit that size,” she added, putting her thumbs and forefingers together to create a rectangle, “costs about £3000. That’s an awful lot of money”.

Glasgow Airport terror suspect Kafeel Ahmed, 27 – currently being treated for third degree burns to 90 per cent of his body at Glasgow Royal Infirmary – is reportedly to receive special shark skin implants costing £20,000 to treat his injuries.

Burns victims in the Lothians currently face a six-month wait for the treatment. He said: “There are around 60 kids in Scotland that I can think of that might benefit from that treatment. It’s an expensive treatment that’s not available for everyone.

Oh – but it’s readily available to terrorists. Being an infidel in Britain entitles you to move to the back of the line to save those that will kill you.

Madness. Absolute madness.

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