I don’t get this kind of reasoning by Harvard re: banning men from the gym so Muslim women can exercise while keeping their modesty intact.

Was it the demands of the Muslim students? The Muslim student association? No. Not a demand at all! Just another example of self-imposed dhimmitude.

The symbolism could not be more striking: Harvard College, an institution founded for men by men has, for the first time in its history, banned men. For six hours every week, only women will be allowed in one of the university’s three major gyms–a new policy implemented in response to a request by female Muslim students, who were uncomfortable exercising around men.

Since announcing the new policy, the university has been besieged by vitriolic criticism, with some commentators characterizing the decision as “appeasement” and “capitulation” to the demands of “radical Islam.” One blogger, in a post entitled “Slouching toward Constantinople,” compared the decision to the Turkish conquest of that city in 1453. One commentator called it Harvard’s “Islamofascist gym.” Even Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan lamented the onslaught of “Sharia at Harvard.”

So how did the policy ever get enacted?

One of the most surprising aspects of this story is how detached Harvard’s Islamic community was from a decision for which it is being castigated. The impetus came from Howard Georgi, the master of one of Harvard’s residential houses, who told me via e-mail that he was approached by one of the house administrators–he couldn’t remember which–who had been contacted by “some of the Muslim women in the House.” He then sent an e-mail to Susan B. Marine, the Director of the Harvard College Women’s Center, asking her to look into the policy.

Ola Aljawhary, the student Marine asked to confirm the interest on behalf of the Muslim community, told me that she casually consulted with friends “who certainly didn’t mind the idea”which administrators took as sufficient demand to adopt the policy.

Neither Georgi nor Marine spoke directly to the women who requested the policy in the first place. The Harvard Islamic Society–the active campus organization for undergraduate Islamic affairs–did not know about the change until it was being formalized and in its final stages, according to the society’s president.

This clearly wasn’t Harvard “capitulating” to Islam, considering how minimally Muslim students were involved in the decision.

May I say – BULLSHIITE!! Of course they didn’t capitulate. They did it willfully and eagerly.

The Islamists have done their job of intimidation on other matters so well the cowardly PC patrol and multiculturalists quickly in knee-jerk action decided to enact a policy of dhimmitude a Muslim simply “didn’t mind the idea”.


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