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“Hey you! The one with the bomb belt. Come on through. We reached our quota today.”

Think that’s absurd? Not if the Democrats have their way. The American Thinker has a very informed post about the Flying Imams and their newly elected useful idiots in the Democratic Congress. The most important part of the post is an excerpt from the legislation proposed by the Democrat led House.

The title of the Bill is S. 2138 and here’s what it says.

S. 2138 provides federal funding defaults and potential civil penalties for any agencies which, when challenged, cannot prove that they did not racially profile anyone they questioned, detained, searched, or seized contraband from. It broadly defines the offense as relying, to any degree, on race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion in selecting which individuals to subject to routine or spontaneous investigatory activities or deciding upon the scope and substance of law enforcement activity following the initial investigatory procedure….It further requires that law enforcement agencies keep records as to the race, ethnicity, national origin and religion of all stops and searches. This data will be analyzed regularly by designees of the DOJ to determine if that agency is engaging in profiling. These inane determinations will be made based upon percentages of encounters compared to percentages of the population.

The most obvious problem? “The new law could keep our courts busy entertaining frivolous lawsuits driven by cherry-picked data and our law enforcement agencies more concerned with sticking to quota than solving and preventing crimes.”

Daniel Horan of the LAPD, who spent 6 years at the Los Angeles airport on profiling-related issues agrees: “A law that would compel security professionals to focus on keeping their statistics within certain norms rather than on their mission keeping airline travel safe would have a devastating effect on our ability to ensure airline safety.” Moreover, such a law would ultimately provide exclusionary cause for captured terrorists, as well as yet another “blame the victim” modus for ACLU-molded lawyers to confuse low IQ juries.

American Thinker states:

What next? A similar program at airports to affirm that Muslims, who comprise nearly 100% of the terrorist population, are not searched in numbers greater than the percentage they represent of the flying population? Has this country gone completely mad?

Think this kind of fuzzy headed, quota happy, liberal thinking is too far fetched? A few years back there was this from the Left. Since there were too many blacks executed for murder in comparison to the percentage of the population, they suggested that a quota be put in place were the number of black executions be no greater than the percentages of blacks in the country – no matter if they actually murdered someone. Once the imposed quota was reached, the convicted black murders would be excused from execution.

Expect other types of dhimmitude as the Democrats take control of Congress.

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