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It didn’t take long to happen.

When the town council of Hérouxville in Quebec issued a set of wide-ranging rules for immigrants considering moving there – including bans on beating or burning women alive, veiling one’s face and children carrying symbolic weapons to school – the appeasers and apologists, flying under the flag of multiculturalism and political correctness, went ballistic.

Organizations representing minorities are outraged by a Quebec town’s “standards” for newcomers, calling them insulting and xenophobic……“It is totally distasteful to see someone using this kind of writing and putting it in a public domain, and this is not just an ordinary someone, these are people in authority,” said Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal.

Yep, bans on beating or burning women alive, veiling one’s face and children carrying symbolic weapons to school – very distasteful.

Critics urged Quebec Premier Jean Charest — who called the standards an “isolated case” earlier this week — to strongly denounce the town officials. They also want the mayor and councillors to apologize and retract the document.

Does the word ‘apologist’ ring a bell, Mr. Charest?

“It tries to make a mockery of this whole debate about reasonable accommodation, and it tries to say that these are our rules and if you don’t like them, don’t come here,” said Steven Slimovitch, national legal counsel for B’nai Brith Canada. “The whole tone of the document, and it says so quite clearly, is that this is the law of the strong.”

Oh really? Reasonable accommodations? Molestation of little girls? Beheadings? Putting women in sacks? Attacks against free speech? Forcing the non-Muslim population to adhere to Shariah law? Intimidating the non-Muslim population? Or perhaps the reasonable accommodations that are made for Jews in the Muslim world?

Hérouxville doesn’t want to see that kind of ‘accommodations’ show up in their town.

Hérouxville is a town of 1,300, including just one immigrant family, in central Quebec, about 165 kilometres northeast of Montreal. Officials, who say they want to attract more immigrants, say the document is intended to help newcomers “integrate socially.”

“We would especially like to inform the new arrivals that the lifestyle that they left behind in their birth country cannot be brought here with them and they would have to adapt to their new social identity,” it says.

The Hérouxville document says women can drive, dance, vote, sign cheques and speak for themselves. Boys and girls swim together in the same pools, men and women ski on the same slopes and play hockey on the same rinks. “Don’t be surprised, this is normal for us,” it says. The only time residents can veil their faces, it says, is during Halloween. It also dismisses Muslim and Jewish dietary laws, saying: “If our children eat meat, for example, they don’t need to know where it came from or who killed it. Our people eat to nourish the body, not the soul.”

“It kind of goes against anything we’ve ever heard as far as laws protecting people’s rights. So some town in Quebec is coming up with something very unusual here.”


Such a heady concept for the politically correct world. And the PC police should be afraid – very afraid. Because this “isolated case” is spreading.

Hérouxville’s initiative is spreading, with the town council in a nearby village, Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac, set to debate a similar resolution Friday night. Mayor Claude Dumont said the resolution is “saying out loud what some people are thinking quietly but don’t have the balls to say.” Mr. Dumont added that three other communities outside of his village, population 311, are thinking of passing their own resolutions.

The town councils in those cities have my vote.

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