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You would think that a counter-terrorism strategy would be aggressive and work to help police seek out and disrupt terrorism activities. No so in Britain where political correctness trumps common sense. This reminds me of John Kerry’s statement that if he was elected he would fight a kinder gentler war on terror.

A new counter-terrorism phrasebook has been sent out to Whitehall offices, police forces and local councils.

It aims to guide them on how to speak to Muslim communities about the threat of extremism without alienating them.

According to The Guardian newspaper, which has obtained a copy of the pamphlet, it advises against use of phrases like “jihadi fundamentalist” and “Islamist extremist” which might tend to suggest the authorities regard the whole Muslim community as responsible for the terror threat.

The semantic bulls**t continues.

Instead, it suggests that words such as “violent extremism”, “criminal murderers” and “thugs” should be used, to avoid any suggestion of an explicit link between Islam and terror.

Remember the new phrase proposed by the PMs in Britain? Islamic extremism is now to be called ‘anti-Islamic activity’. So, in WWII was fought not against the German Nazis but those conducting anti-German activity.

The document warns that the use of concepts such as “the struggle for values” or “a battle of ideas” plays into the hands of those who wish to frame the issue in terms of a clash of civilisations between Islam and the West. A more productive approach is to stress the idea of shared values, it suggests.

Ah yes. The ugly head of multiculturalism raise its head again. If you want shared values you promote pluralism that creates a foundation of values that all groups commit to and not divisive multiculturalism.

And this phrasebook is supposed to prevent terrorism. Sheeez!


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