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Here’s more lunacy from the sensitive multiculturalists who respect every culture as long as it’s not Western culture. And Europe continues its unconscious passage into the dark night of dhimmitude.

Though Christmas is 8 months away, the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ in Italian school districts has become a raging controversy. Parents of pupils at the Casa del Bosco nursery school in the multi-ethnic Oltrisarco district of Bolzano have been informed that at the school’s Christmas concert, the students will not be permitted to sing “Tu scendi dalle stelle” [From Starry Skies Thou Comest].

The school’s teachers single-handedly made the decision to eliminate the carol to placate Muslim and other foreign born children, though they celebrate Chinese New Years and “learn about the significance of Ramadan.”

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra got it right, calling the move sublimating Christianity a “sacrifice” of the “baby Jesus on the altar of multiculturalism.”

The town’s Mayor Luigi Spagnolli called the matter “complete nonsense” and even the local Imam Breigeche Abulkeheir, said in an interview with Corriere Della Serra that “the figure of Jesus is holy for those who believe in the Koran, too.”

A small voice of reason in a wilderness of insanity.

The Casa del Bosco is by no means the only educational institution undergoing this sort of revisionism, in Milan a study of the city’s nursery schools revealed that 40% of them will not be displaying a nativity scene during the Christmas season.

Faced with this level of unexpected criticism, the Casa del Bosco school master tried to defend the teacher’s actions stating that “Children from different cultures get on happily in our schools. I’d go further: coexistence and mutual respect help them to develop the mental openness that those who are fuelling the controversy perhaps lack” but clearly appeared to backing off somewhat from the school’s previous position admitting that “There will be three Christmas carols” at the Christmas pageant, “I don’t know about the reference to baby Jesus but the children will certainly be singing Silent Night.”

When caught in their act of dhimmitude, the multiculturalists backpedal with their kumbya rosy view of the world and then attack those who see the hypocrisy at “fuelling the controversy” with an insensitive lack of understanding.
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