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I really try to believe that at the end of the day the Left is really a rational bunch. Most of my Lefty friends are. But every once in a while the moonbats within the ranks of the Left show they’re true colors.

A recent comment to a post from a liberal lefty on my blog (“Storm Track Disinformation: Terrorism? What Terrorism?”) proves what I’m talking about. I was going to respond with a comment to his comment but thought such a revelation of LeftThink ‘clarity’ needed its own post.

You can read the whole comment at the post. But here’s the part the stuck me and revealed how certain Lefties really feel about the war against Islamism and how we are dealing with it.

I believe in justice here in America. I don’t see any with this case. Furthermore, just because someone (Osama or whoever) claims responsibility for a crime (9/11), doesn’t mean he’s automatically guilty.

Huh?? I thought admitted confessions are proof positive in criminal cases. Is it the Left’s position that we’re to talk criminals out of confessions?

Criminal: “Yes, I killed him and cut up his body into tiny pieces. I’ll sign the confession and show you where I buried the parts.”

Police: “Now don’t be so hasty. You don’t want to say something that can be held against you in court.”

As Americans, we pride ourselves on impartiality. I want to see Osama brought to justice, same as Saddam, but I wouldn’t let guys like you anywhere near him if he’s taken into custody. I wouldn’t trust you to administer justice. You’re too emotional, too soft.

I see. According to the Lefty there are two kinds of justice – his and us blogger’s. But if he wants cold, calculated, unemotional and rational deliberance if OBL is caught and brought to trial, then leave it in the hands of the American justice system minus the input from bleeding heart liberals who care more for the ‘rights’ of perpetuators of a crime than the victims fate.

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