It takes a good bit of courage to rob a store. It takes even more to stick around and ask out the cashier you’re robbing. This was the situation on Sunday afternoon at a U-Haul store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Two men pulled up to the store at about 3:00pm in a late 1980’s Cadillac. They went through the typical, unoriginal robber speech of “give us all the money” and “get down on the floor.” However, he said this while wrapping his hands around one employee’s waist. She was then forced to open the cash register. The one robber then reached over and grabbed the money. He then forced her onto the ground and left.

The other robber stayed behind. According to a report, he turned to one cashier and asked for her number so that he could call her to go out. Apparently, he didn’t think she would take the situation they were currently in personally. While they were robbing them, they had been complimenting the girls, saying “Hey baby, you’re pretty fine.” When she turned him down, he left the store. The General Manager of the U-Haul store, Patrick Sobocinski, is more upset that the robber touched his employees than the fact that the store was robbed. The police are still looking for the men. If they do find them, it will be interesting to hear what made the one culprit was thinking when he decided to hit on his victim.

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