I came across an interesting story about how a store detective at Target caught a group of traveling credit card fraudsters in Washington.

The store detective noted suspicious behavior – customers purchasing large amount of gift cards and did a little checking. When he did, he discovered that the cards being used were counterfeits.

When the merry trio was arrested at a bank down the street, police discovered maps to area retailers, a lot of counterfeit credit cards and – of course – gift cards.

After being identified, the authorites determined that the fraudsters had traveled to Washington from California.

The fraudsters claim that they were using the gift cards to buy things for themselves. Let see, they travel from California to Washington and use numerous counterfeit credit cards to obtain merchandise for themselves?

And the authorities aren’t buying their story either — they are being charged with “leading organized crime.”

My guess is that they were going to find a way to convert the gift cards to cash. I recently wrote about the problems associated with gift card fraud and how they are being fenced on auctions all over the Internet:

Why Buying Gift Cards on Auction Sites isn’t a Good Idea

Normally – I write from a broader perspective – but this story illustrates how we might be rubbing elbows with some fairly sophisticated “criminal types,” while out doing our Christmas shopping.

Jeremy Palowski of the Olympian wrote the story, which attracted my attention to this, here.

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