A debate is going on on whether India should go ahead and visit Pakistan for the forthcoming Cricket test series when the Country is seething in anger on the terrorist attacks mounted on India by terrorists trained in Pakistan and supported by various Government agencies.

In this context it is necessary to view this from a non-cricket perspective.

We all know that what is going on between Pakistan and India is a War. It is a war where Pakistan thinks of bleeding India through terrorist attacks from time to time so that vital financial resources of India is wasted in fighting terror risks. While the secuirty investments that India will have to do in the post 26/11 scenario are inevitable and would further bleed our economy, it is necessary for us to ensure a counter strategy which should weaken the forces that support the terrorists are getting in Pakistan.

The first step in this direction is to put an economic embargo on Pakistan. India should take all steps necessary to cut any economic benefit that Pakistan economy may get whether from Cricket or from Trade.

I therefore have no hesitation to agree with Mr Sunil Gavaskar and Mr Gill that the tour of the Indian Cricket team to Pakistan should be stopped forthwith. We also need to cancel all IPL and ICL contracts with Paksitan. Additionally, we need to move in the world arena including ICC to ban Pakistan from any cricket activities at least for the next year.

Yes this will upset the common man in Pakistan who is not a terrorist and it is meant to be so. Let the Pakistani aam aadmi (Common man) realize that they cannot coexist with terrorism from their soil. Let them bring pressure on the Government authorities and the Military to change the philosophy of Pakistan that their sole reason for existence is to destroy India.

Afterall it is from these common men that terrorist Qasab also came from. His father says that the boy was missing from last 4 years. What was he doing to find out where his son was during these 4 years? Is this not an indication that missing boys of a particular age group who leave their villages and abscond are likely to have been drated by the terrorists and are being trained? Does the Pakistan administration keep a tab on such “Missing Youth”? If not, is it not the failure of the common men in Paksitan who otherwise say they are peace loving ?

I think that the stoppage of Cricket and all other commercial relationships between India and Pakistan and further pressurisation of the international community to get Pakistan declared as a “Terrorist State” will help bring Pakistan to the civilized society.

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