It is unfortunate that Nativity scene figures are the target of theft and vandals across this country each year during the Christmas holiday. As this ignorant crime increases from year to year, it shows the lack of respect that too many Americans have developed for their neighbors as well as a failed respect for private property.

Let’s face it. The people who do such things are jerks. It’s just that simple.

But, on a lighter note, The Hartford Courant employed an interesting choice of words in their story on the recent several thefts of Nativity Scene figures across Southington, Conn.

After giving space to Church goers reacting with outrage over these mean-spirited, and pointless thefts, Courant staff writer, Ken Byron pulls this sentence out from his “professional journalism” bag ‘o tricks:

The theft of baby Jesus from Nativity scenes is something police around the state and the nation have seen, and some say it is an annual phenomenon.

(Bold mine)

Do they now, Kenny? An “annual phenomenon”, ya say?

Are ya saying, Kenny my friend, that they don’t steal the baby Jesus year round? That they are only doing it on an “annual” basis? And only during the Christmas season, at that? Is the Baby Jesus safe on Halloween or Thanksgiving, do ya think?

Astounding! You have informed us so well, Kenny. We are grateful for your insight.

But, here is a little news flash for ya, Kenny. Of course it would be an “annual phenomenon”. Christmas only comes ONCE a YEAR!

“Annual phenomenon”, indeed.

See, folks? This is the kind of professionalism that our friend at the Opinion Journal, Joseph Rago, was talkin’ about when he was pontificating on how bloggers just aren’t of high enough caliber to be a real, honest to goodness journalist working for the MSM!

Why, no stupid blogger sitting in his pajamas and banging away at his keyboard like a monkey at play could have come up with the “news” that stolen Nativity figures might be an “annual phenomenon”.

Halp uz, Josiph Ragoo, we r stuck hear on r blogs

And, unfortunately, thanks, to Ken Byron for making this story of America’s declining respect for private property and for our neighbors just a bit ridiculous with your remarks.

Merry Christmas, to all BloggerNewNetwork readers from me, Warner Todd Huston.

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