Reuters seems to be jumping into the fray over the Supreme Court’s latest decision on the issue of racial diversity in our schools. At least, it seems so because their latest story on the decision seems an advocacy piece against the Supreme Court and for forced “diversity” policies in our schools. In fact, Reuters seems only too happy to claim that the Supreme Court is causing “fear” in our innocent children in their piece titled, “Students, schools fear end of racial diversity.”

Reuters is obviously giving voice to this forced “diversity” and giving the bussing crowd the thumbs up in a report that also seems to say that black kids only “get in fights” when they go to predominately black schools.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (Reuters) – Seventeen-year-old Quantae Williams doesn’t understand why the U.S. Supreme Court struck down his school district’s racial diversity program.

He now dreads the prospect of leaving his mixed-race high school in suburban Louisville and returning to the poor black downtown schools where he used to get in fights.

That seems vaguely racist, doesn’t it?

Reuters treats this forced “diversity” as an obvious good and fills their report with “worry,” schools and parents “scrambling,” and officials trying to “find a way to protect diversity in their classrooms.” Obviously, “mixed” is better as far as Reuters is concerned. To prove it they quote Williams as saying, “‘Everything is mixed, we get along well. If I go where all my friends go, I’ll start getting in trouble again,’ Williams said as he took a break from his summer job sorting clothing donations for poor families.”

Reuters also seems to throw the race card at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as well as throwing a shot at the “new conservative” Court.

The Supreme Court’s new conservative majority declared that taking race into account to integrate a school is just as bad as using race to segregate one. Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s sole black member, agreed.

However, it is amusing that supporters of bussing don’t see the inherent illogic in their position, especially after this part in Reuters’ story:

Under Jefferson County’s voluntary program, racial guidelines were used to keep black student enrollment at most schools between 15 percent and 50 percent. That often meant busing black kids to suburban schools and trying to lure white students to downtown schools by creating “magnet” programs with exceptional math, computer, language or arts departments.

So, to get whites to want to go to inner city or heavily black schools they feel the need to create these “magnet” programs? Well, if these “magnet” programs are so great for white kids, why weren’t they in place for the black kids BEFORE, or quite regardless of the bussing? In fact, this do-gooder idea seems to admit that they are failing to teach their black children properly in the first place. So, wouldn’t the smarter idea be to improve the schools that are failing the black children in the first place instead of ripping white kids out of their own communities to place them in the same failing schools they have left to their black students? So, don’t we now we have both whites and blacks being badly served with failure schools?

I guess “equal” is better even if that means everyone gets a crap education?

Reuters ends the piece with a pointless quote from a kid who is worried that she soon won’t be in a “multicolored” school in Kentucky.

Priddy’s daughter, Paige, 13, hopes school officials come up with some way to keep her middle school diverse. She said some of her friends are white like she is and others are not.

“One of my best friends is Guatemalan,” Paige said as she worked alongside Williams at the clothing charity. “I don’t think the color of people makes any difference really but I’d rather go to a multicolored school than just one color.”

Wow. I wonder how many kids the “Guatemalan” school in Kentucky will have in it? Just one more example of why children should be seen and not heard… and why “diversity” is a sham that is focused upon while our schools otherwise fail in every corner of the USA.

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