By Honey Gillard
The word on the street is that Tom Cruise is coupling with Ben Stiller to form the ‘The Hardy Men’.
Twentieth Century Fox have tapped the two Hollywood actors to play the leads in this film, which is based on the Hardy Boys mystery novels.

The action-comedy is about the Hardy Boys, who are now grown up and living out their own separate paths of life, finding themselves reconciling with one another for one last time to solve a mysterious case.

Stiller is set to produce the movie with Red Hour partner Stuart Cornfeld and Robert Kosberg – who was owner of the rights to the original Hardy Boys and who first brought the project to Red Hour eight years ago.
The Top gun and Zoolander stars are also conversing about a possible team-up for a film titled ‘Tropic Thunder’, a movie, in which Stiller is directing for DreamWorks. ‘Tropic Thunder’ is being dispersed by Paramount, – the very studio, which publicly cut all of their ties with Cruise, last year.
Cruise and Stiller have been good friends for quite some time now. Their friendship sprung from Cruise’s admiration for Stiller’s fondness of impersonating him. Stiller’s impersonations were born on his self-titled ‘Ben Stiller Show’ and was implemented most remarkably during Stiller’s appearance in the 2000 Joel Gallen-directed short “Mission: Improbable,” – Stiller portrayed a stuntman for Cruise on “Mission: Impossible 2”, and Cruise played himself in the parody.
Production of ‘The Hardy Men’ is set to commence sometime next year.
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