STILL ON LAMARANISM- Colonel Sarr fights back!!
By Col. Sam Sarr Col. Sam Sarr


My dear Pa Nderry,

I’m back again hoping not to be viewed as a nuisance owing to my persistency. Anyhow you almost embarrassed me with those kind words in your editorial. I was really flattered. Thanks once again. However I am this time obliged to raise my concern over your statement urging me to apologize to my friend Chongan for associating him with Lamarna. I don’t know how that was misinterpreted in that piece but I thought my trend of argument was crystal clear in establishing that I was on the contrary trying to distance my friend from the bad guy. The only dimension added to that was my suspicion of Samba my mysterious e-mailer having a clandestine commonality with Lamanara on a possible conspiracy to put me on a collision course with Chongan. If that was not clearly presented, then I believe I must have communicated poorly this time.

Then I read the following, wondering why you had to go that far;For your information this paper has been reprimanded in the past by Chongan who blamed us for attacking you in one of our editorials. This was the piece we branded former GAF officials as cowards. That you allowed the junta led by Jammeh to topple Jawara’s government. The said piece never went down well with your comrade Chongan. God can bear us witness on Changan’s statement in defense of you. Chongan had the belief that people like you should be encouraged to talk and not to be antagonized. We are compelled to disclose the private conversation we had with Chongan since he is being blackmailed by an unknown Gambian.

Perhaps Chongan was just too humble to mention it to you, but that very night of that publication, we spoke over the phone during which he genuinely expressed his dissatisfaction over what he felt was a rather unacceptable statement. That was indeed the main reason why I didn’t respond to that article; otherwise I would have definitely come up with a rejoinder. In fact the article I sent you yesterday was copied to him in Brussels well before it was featured in your publication.

We also had a brief chat over the phone concerning Lama Jallow. Amazingly, he confirmed having a vague recollection of a Lama Barry that once worked under him but later worked forthe late Sadibu Haidara. He doesn’t know where the chap is right now but we agreed that he may not have anything to do with the shadowy Lamarana. But he is very frustrated with the whole issue. He even shared his feeling with me in the e-mail below: Chongan Ebrima” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: In Brussels Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 12:49:08 +0100 Chef des Corps, Am in Brussels should return tomorrow will call you; just glance at the rubbish at Freedom using our webmail. These things will always happen; my policy is once my conscience is clear am fine. It’s typical Jammeh’s boys how anybody can compare murderers with decent people. All the best and have a nice day.

Ebrima I Chongan I am therefore not worried about the gentleman. I will continue to hold him in high esteem just like he would always deserve. By the way, I forgot to mention this yesterday. Alhagie Kanteh was nowhere close to where any coup speech was written in July 1994; it was a lie when Lamarana said he was among those who terrorized Swaibou Conateh for the “speech writing”. I could vouch to that. Cheers! Col. Sam Sarr Col. Sam Sarr

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