The German Unwort des Jahres (faux-pas word of the year) committee is still in committee and open for suggestions on this year’s winner (loser?). Last year’s word, Entlassungsproduktivität (productivity through firing) is certainly still right up there at the cutting edge of “timeliness” (think Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Schering, Airbus is coming, tell me when to stop…), but unfortunately isn’t allowed to win two years in a row.
 Around 550 suggestions have already been made this year, among them Eindeutschung (“Germanising” immigrants) and Abwrackprämie (a bonus for getting fired).
 So don’t hesitate. If you’ve got a real dog of word that more or less sums up the rotten zeitgeist we currently find ourselves in (and one always finds oneself in a rotten zeitgeist here), send it in to the Sprachwissenschaftler (language scientists) by January 8, 2007 for deliberation.

I know, how about Sprachwissenschaftler?
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