Speaking of a here-we-go-again story, the AP this morning has revived the Jeri Thompson as trophy wife story again. This is an extremely demeaning charge leveled at the wife of Fred Thompson that keeps resurfacing, over and over, in the liberal press. The thrust of the story is that she is a brainless hottie that Thompson only grabbed up because she is great arm candy. But Jeri Thompson is an accomplished and driven individual in her own right and for the MSM to continually claim she is nothing but a “trophy wife” slights her own achievements.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Jeri Thompson, wife of GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson, shakes off the “trophy wife” label critics have tagged her with for being 24 years younger than her husband.

Fred Thompson, for his part, has a great comeback for the constant demeaning of his beautiful wife. “Thompson said: ‘I almost think they had to fabricate that trophy-wife stuff because there’s nothing interesting to say.”’

Jeri Thompson is no bubble-headed bimbo, though. She was a successful media consultant for the Washington DC law firm of Verner Lipfert and also worked for the Republican Senate Conference and the Republican National Committee before marrying Fred Thompson and stepping back from her career to concentrate on raising a family.

And it won’t be completely unusual to have a president with a much younger wife, either. Columnist Gary North reminds us that Frances Folsom Cleveland was 27 years younger than President Grover Cleveland, and that Julia Gardiner Tyler was 30 years younger than President John Tyler.

Still, we will see this charge brought up over and over again by the MSM as the presidential contest is waged.

Now here is the question: Michelle Obama is quite an attractive woman. Do you think folks will call her a “trophy wife?” What about Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth? She is decades younger than the Buckeye nut from Cleveland! Is she a “trophy wife?” If so, I’ve never seen the MSM refer to her as such. In fact, Elizabeth is far younger than her husband than is Jeri from Fred! Elizabeth Kucinich is 30 years her husband’s junior while Jeri is only 24 years Fred’s junior.

Or does the MSM imagine that Democrats don’t “do” trophy wives?

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