steve-powell.jpgOn Wednesday, May 16th, 2012, a jury returned a guilty verdict for the charges on Steven Powell which were 14 counts of voyeurism. Powell’s son Josh Powell was the husband of the missing Utah woman, Susan Powell. The charges against Steven stemmed from an investigation in Susan’s disappearance, when a search warrant was issued to search his home where his son Josh also lived. Thousands of images of females being photographed and videotaped without their knowledge, including Susan Powell was discovered during the search.

The pictures of Susan Powell were not considered a part of the voyeurism case though. The prosecutors focused mainly on the photos taken of the two young girls ages 8 and 10 who were Steven Powell’s neighbors. The photos were said to have been taken while they were in their bathroom as they bathed and used the toilet. During the trial the girls did testify that they had no idea Powell was taking their pictures.

susan-powell-2.jpgSusan disappeared at the end of 2009 and she has never been found. There have been no arrests made in connection to her disappearance although authorities did consider Josh Powell as a person of interest in the case. During their investigation the detectives found some of Susan’s blood and a handwritten note from Susan expressing the fear she about her husband and her potential demise.

Josh moved with the couple’s two young sons soon after the disappearance of his wife to Washington to live with his father. Josh shocked the nation when he killed himself along with his two sons by setting his home afire earlier this year.

This leaves Steven Powell as the only one that might possibly know what happened to Susan but when authorities tried to question him they say he has been very uncooperative.

The family of the two girls that were neighbors of Steven Powell has hired an attorney, Anne Bremmer, and she will be filing a lawsuit in the next few weeks which will accuse Steven Powell of violating the girls’ right to privacy and causing emotional distress. The family doesn’t expect to get any substantial damages but they are hoping the lawsuit will put more pressure on him to start cooperating with authorities by starting to talk about what happened to Susan.

Personally I feel Steven Powell has some of the answers that remain unanswered, like who killed her and mostly where she is now. Susan’s family has not only lost her but thanks to Josh Powell, they have now lost their two grandsons as well so if they could at least find Susan’s body, they could lay her to rest properly.

My heart goes out to this family. I pray that Steven Powell will help answer the questions they need answered. I pray that soon this family can eventually start to heal the best they can.

Jan Barrett

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