Recently there has been a lot of news circulating around Donald Sterling, and none of which was good. The fact that Steve Balmer has bought his team is perhaps the most positive news in regard to Donald since his lifetime ban from the NBA.

According to Shirley Stirling(Donald Sterling’s wife) a “binding contract” has been signed by Balmer to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. A small price tag for the former CEO of Microsoft whose net worth is in the ballpark of $20 billion.  He outbid the highest bidder who came in at a bid of 1.6 billion. Donald Sterling was labeled “mentally unfit” to participate in the deal, which explains why it happened without much controversy. All that’s left is for the NBA and the owners to approve of the deal for it to be deemed complete.

Although he is from Seattle, Ballmer said in a statement that he loves basketball and will want to “keep the Clippers in Los Angeles.” If the deal reaches completion it will be the biggest sum of money paid for an NBA franchise and one of the biggest deals in sports history.

What this will mean for the NBA or The Los Angeles Clippers in the near future can be debated. However, what this does mean is that Donald Sterling is no longer part of the NBA and Steve Balmer has now found something else to fill his days with his departure from Microsoft.

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