News Item:
Technique helps women
grow their own implants.

Do not adjust your screen, do not refresh the page, just go up and look again.  You read it right the first time.  Through the use of stem cell research, science has found a way for women to grow their own breast implants.  Not in theory, not hypothetically.  They’ve already done it.

The technique was first tried in 2004, and successfully re-employed 38 times since.  It involves taking stem cells from a woman’s own fat, and using them grow new breast tissue.  There apparently have been no side effects, and no signs of rejection, since the cells come from the woman’s own body.  The extent of enlargement though, seems to be tied to the individual woman’s body-fat ratio.  Thinner women have achieved a bit less enhancement, but the labs are hard at work on that problem.

It’s good to see that science has its priorities in line.  Boobs were obviously at the top of the list.  Now that that’s been perfected, maybe they can move along, and work on little things like alzheimers, and spinal cord injuries.

Link: Daily Mail

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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