Upon hearing that Chris Simcox had decided to take on John McCain in the AZ 2010 Senate race, I’ll wager many a good conservatives thought, “oh. Cool!”    Nothing would be better than to see John McCain become as positionally irrelevant within the GOP as he actually is.  Wouldn’t it be sweet to see someone come along and topple him from atop the hill?  Stop him from his continued efforts ( such as this ) to sabotage and subvert the Conservative Movement that he holds in such contempt?  No matter what state of the union one lives in, it would mean a lot to all conservatives nationwide to see a hostile and contrary John McCain ousted from “our” political process.  Once and for all.   So when Mr. Simcox stepped up and volunteered to take on the job that other Conservative Arizonans are too cowardly to do, the 1st reaction of most good Conservatives is to sit down, write out a check and start lending support, right?   Not so fast.  Before emptying your piggy bank one should take the time to do a simple internet search;  just type in Chris Simcox.  Soon the dark clouds of gloom will begin to move in overhead, blocking out the light.    You’ll find that this poor fellow, sadly, has a truck load of very negative baggage that accompanies him wherever he goes.   And neither is it always biased reporting from some lefty reporter over his stance on the illegal immigration/border issue.  No, on the surface Chris appears to be this good looking, intelligent, well educated individual but it has been (and is being) revealed that he does have this dark side.  ( link )   He has shown us true nativist/ racist tendencies in this video link. (i.e. his “work camps” and “shoot on sight” statements)   And as the author of this articles said, there is no shortage of other videos and material linking Simcox to mild racism.    Also, as this author said, he did not want to, “suggest a parallel between Simcox and David Duke”.   Which is fair and true.  Simcox is a decent guy.   Simcox’s blunders are most likely  attributable  to youthful indiscretion – quotes made years ago.  And hanging around with the wrong sorts.  Like that Craig Howard guy with the run-away mouth.  A real leader would have driven a racist like Howard out of the organization understanding how any racial undertones could severely damage the org’s credibility, given their particularly sensitive mission.   Which also demonstrates that Simcox is not fit for an important leadership role such as that of a U.S. Senator.  Only democrats elect such irresponsible people into important positions.   The video does indicate that Simcox had obviously lost control of his MCDC org and lost sight of the mission.  The original (and honorable) mission of assisting the U.S. Border Patrol.    Had they remained objective, hostility towards the actual illegal immigrants would have never entered into their thinking.   So in keeping with the tradition Republicans have of policing their own,  Michael Steele should waste no time in investigating these videos and other evidence.  And if they prove to be legit, it would be advisable for Steele to suggest that Simcox might withdraw from the race.  And certainly he should offer zero RNC monetary support until this gets completely clarified. Now back to those good Conservative Arizonans who are too timid to put their toe in the political water opposite John McCain.  Let me name one of these wooses:   J.D. Hayworth.  Former Congressman, this individual who has none of the Simcox baggage.  Hayworth is smart, dynamic and totally objective especially on the illegal immigration issue.  And he could easily take down McCain and any democrat opposition.  Yet he hasn’t  decided yet whether he’ll oppose John McCain.  Oh, boo hoo.  What’s the matter J.D.?    Built yourself a nice little career niche after your stint in congress?  Now you’ve made yourself all comfy?   Hey dude.  Your nation calls and needs you.  We’re about to lose our Constitution, or haven’t you been paying attention?  If any who read this agree, send him an encouraging email to get off his back-side and run: ( link2 )  Indulge me one more quick aside regarding the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp (Simcox) and the Minuteman Project ( Gilchrist).   I, personally, have little respect for these two org’s.   Why?  Well we had some excellent Presidential candidates in ’08.  Duncan Hunter  (whom I supported) and Tom Tancredo.  Both had fantastic records and stances on the illegal immigration/border control issues.  Both of their campaigns dried up and withered on the vine for lack of funds.  Thanks MCDC & Minuteman Project for your pathetic fundraising efforts.   Once these 2 Titans were out of the race there remained Fred Thompson.  Thompson also had an excellent immigration plan that covered everything.   Did he get any support from these 2 org’s?   No. A haughty Gilchrist said he was “skeptical”.  Once Fred was “taken out” and devoured by his own species we were then left with Romney and Huckabee.  Both of which had acceptable immigration/border positions.  Much better than McCain’s.   Where were the 2 Minutemen org’s?  Crickets chirping.   And look who we’re stuck with as POTUS now!    Their lackadaisical grassroots efforts tells us something about these 2 loser organizations, their members and their leaders.  They have turned inward, are self centered, self serving, have become ineffective and are close to becoming irrelevant.  To them, its all about protecting their own little patch of turf.  They’ve lost sight of the wide panoramic viewpoint.  These 2 org’s should both be political powerhouses with extreme impact on the political process.  Instead, they’re both duds.       I would advise the members of both to withhold donations until there is new and objective leadership with a clear and objective vision.  Darvin Dowdy             

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