Stealth JihadRobert SpencerIn the light of yesterday’s jihad attacks in Mombai that have so far been reported to have killed over 100, injured hundreds more and saw Americans, Britons & Jews taken hostage, the term “stealth jihad” seems a bit of an understatement.However, Spencer is specifically tackling the non-violent varieties of jihad that seek to undermine all that is not Islam. Having lived in the UK, until recently, I am more than aware of the creeping Islamisation that is spreading in Continental Europe, as described by Fjordman. In the UK, at least, newspapers like The Sun, The Times and the Telegraph do their best to keep tabs on the attempts to sneak Islamic laws and traditions into British culture.Americans, on the other hand, seem blissfully unaware, for the most part of the creeping Islamisation that taking place all over the US. Whether it be in schools, local communities, high school and even in finance, Islamic interests are pressuring those less able to resist into bending to their will. Spencer backs up the reasons for this sort of behavior on the part of Muslims with quotes from the Koran and the Hadiths.This book’s release could not have been better timed as his great example of the Holy Land Foundation has been found, in court, to be a front for various terrorist groups in the Middle East. In fact those involved from organisations like CAIR, of which one involved is a founder of the Texas chapter, were convicted on all counts of funneling money to Hamas.It is a serious setback to Stealth Jihad, but clearly not an end to it.Spencer makes a clear case that this is on-going in the US and needs to be dealth with by government, the legal system and the ordinary citizen. Those involved in stealth jihad do not believe in the Constitution, the US or anything else bar Islam. Their loyalty is to global jihad to create a global caliphate.And unlike some of the supposed conspiracies (Jews, Freemasons etc etc) that make the rounds, these jihadists make no effort to hide their aims or goals. If you can see that they you either can’t or won’t see the truth. They mean what they say and say that they mean.Highly recommended, as are all of Spencer’s works.

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