Here is the sort of garbage your State EPA is foisting on your children, Illinois. The State EPA is instituting a Statewide Poster And Poetry/Prose Exhibit: “Global Warming – What Can We Do?” for the kiddies to help the Democrat controlled state EPA office to further their globaloney propaganda. Nothing like forcing our kids to toe the line of political propaganda, eh? Of course, it matches right up with our school children being forced to read that “Heather has two Mommies” and being handed condoms for their sexual escapades, doesn’t it? Apparently, we don’t need to be bothering our children with those ridiculous things like history, math and real science when there are so many political agendas that need to be pushed!

The state EPA is making global warming political propaganda fun, though.

We invite your students to participate in the annual Environmental Pathways statewide poster and poetry/prose exhibit. The theme of the 2008 event will be “Global Warming – What Can We Do?” focusing on the importance of clean air and protecting our environment.

Loads of fun for all the kiddies.

Here is the thing, though. The state EPA is propagating an idea that is no way settled scientifically. This is not a “scientific” or factual based endeavor, but a political one.

And, get a load of this liberal, emotion-speak from the state EPA website:

We believe that the creation of posters and written works gives your students an opportunity to express and share, on a deeper and more personal level, what they have learned. The student exhibit also draws attention to environmental issues.

Yes, let us all “share” on a “deeper and more personal level” shall we?

What poppycock.

Illinoisans, this is what your taxes are paying for. Take note.

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