According to a recent report the Wisconsin State Department of Commerce has had to retract a report that related to serious violations of health and safety, including asbestos violations, at the University of Wisconsin. It will now be looking at and rewriting the report before any further steps are taken.

An official from the Department of Commerce stated: “There are some things lacking in that order that are key elements for us, like a date of issuance, appeal rights, a signature. It will be rewritten, and until it is, we can’t comment on it.”

An official from the university said: “We’re glad to hear that the Department of Commerce is taking another look at this report. We’re obviously going to have to withhold judgment until we see what the revised report says, but it’s a positive step, and we’re glad they did it.”

He added: “The original findings primarily related to state projects under construction this summer (by the Division of State Facilities), the need for an improved chemical hygiene plan and upgrades to other safety training plans. Unfortunately, in our opinion, many of the findings contained inaccuracies, did not fully disclose all of the facts or were not reasonable.”

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