A landfill company in the state of Arizona is being sued by two state agencies, which have claimed that the firm demolished one of its sites without first removing any asbestos that was contained within. They claim that because of this the landfill company violated laws and regulations relating to asbestos.

The lawsuit has been filed against Kuhles Capital, LLC by two agencies, which are the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. It is claimed by the agencies that the landfill company demolished its Yavapai County landfill without properly removing asbestos materials.

The company could be facing huge fines over this issue, and according to reports could be looking at fines of twenty five thousand dollars per day from June 2007 and ten thousand dollars a day from February 2008.

The landfill is owned by brothers, but they claim that they are not at blame and are simply the landlords. They have blamed the company that was operating it for the problems, and have added that work was stopped as soon as an order from ADEQ was received.

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