News Item:
Save toilet paper, save the world

Grammy Award winning singer Sheryl Crow has chimed in on the global warming debate.
The big problem on the agenda today?  Paper.  Apparently we use way to much paper.

More specifically, toilet paper.

So Ms. Crow has come up with a solution to save the planet.  One sheet of TP per potty visit.  Any more than that is just wasteful.  Not wanting to be seen as an environmental whacko though, she conceeds that there may, at times, be a need to compromise.  So on [in her words] those pesky occasions, you may be forced to use two sheets, and in an extreme circumstance, maybe… maaaaybe… three, but that’s it, you’re over your quota.

Now if the ‘one sheet’ rule ever managed to take root here, [are you ready for this?] we could all become pseudo-Iraqis.  What does this have to do with Iraq?  Think back, to the first election after Sadam was run out of town.  Remember all the Iraqis holding up their purple ink-stained fingers, to show that they voted?  We too could hold up fingers that had turned somewhat brownish, and proudly proclaim to be Americans.  Idiots, yes, numbskulls, yes, but proud earth-saving Americans, none the less.

Another way to save the planet, according to Sheryl, would be to replace paper napkins with detachable dining sleeves.  What an amazing idea that is.  You can be a slob at dinner, wipe your sushi on your sleeve, and still be politically correct.

How about it, huh?
Good stuff, isn’t it?
Are we all on board with this?

To say any more, well… that would just be cruel… so I think we’ll stop here.

Full Story: USA Today

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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