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I totally did not know what to expect going into this week’s fantasy film, Stardust. This movie just screamed winter release to me. That area between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually the time these films pop up. You now like Narnia and this years Golden Compass. Movies with flying boats and enchanted unicorns and all that non-summer stuff. Summer is made for blowing up robots not saving damsels. Boy was I ever wrong. And pleased to be.

It is tough to sum up this movie in a few synoptic lines. The previews give you only a hint of what this love story, adventure-comedy is truly about. Like all great movies it starts with a guy and girl. And from there it adds witches and kings and princes and swashbuckling pirates of the air. It is as much an adventure as any love story you will ever encounter. As our hero Tristran (Charlie Cox) goes in search of a falling star (Claire Danes) he encounters a world full of enchantment, danger and characters worthy of cult status. Tristran soon discovers he is not the only one with stars in his eyes and the searcher soon becomes the protector.

This film could easily become a cult classic in the line of Princess Bride. The unexpected humor and wit in the writing puts this way above most fantasy flicks. It is not forceful and never takes itself too serious. Plus the look of this film feels classic already. It could have been made in the 80’s or 90’s with its subtle effects and old school look. Nothing screams 2007 blockbuster. I think it will be this latter trait that makes this a timeless film that will grow in popularity over the years. Even if it does not top the money maker list this weekend it will be around for the long haul. I can picture people discovering this film a year from now and wondering why the never saw it.

Stardust is rated PG-13 for some fantasy violence and risqué humor. The language is very mild and is void of any sexual escapades while the violence is kept to a few sword scuffles. The main thing for parents to be concerned about is the element of witchcraft and sorcery. Many younger preteens may find the witches quite scary and menacing. Those 12 and over will all find something lovable about this film and will laugh throughout. It is certainly a surprisingly, enchanting film. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 dead princes. With a look at Stardust, I’m Matt Mungle.

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