Why is it corporations such as Starbucks believe they have the responsibility to determine the social and moral norms for everything from diversity to contraceptive methods, all for the price of a cup of coffee! Isn’t relying on your local barrista for moral and ethical advise the equivalent of asking Dear Abby for legal counsel. Increasingly more companies are declaring themselves as the resource for the social reforms of the world with their affiliations with Planned Parenthood, political parties and various social movements. Places like Starbucks presume in their shareholders reports to specify what type of customer they want to frequent their establishments. If you are Pro Life, they don’t want you. If you carry a gun, they don’t want you. If you are someone that is politically leaning towards the Conservative right, they don’t want you. The list of what is socially acceptable for Starbucks for their customers is as confusing as their hieroglyphic menu, which provides choice with pseudo Italian phrases to entice chic Americans with the thirst for a triple shot mocha venti! Its COFFEE, what ever happened to small, medium and large?

Starbucks has publicly declared that individuals that support the traditional model of marriage, between a man and a women are not a good fit for their corporate philosophy. The Starbucks philosophy promotes notions of inclusion for all peoples, no discrimination against any group considered as a minority, and complete commitment to diversity. Why does a retail coffee chain even remotely believe that they have the right or obligation to make political statements on the way coffee drinkers live their lives! Just make the coffee and be thankful that your customers are not depending on the java infusion from somewhere else.

The fact that Starbucks maintains such high aspirations for the norms of living in America and has such lofty sentiments for global environmental preservation indicates that Starbucks and corporations similar to them are not what they appear to be in the retail world. They are not just convenience stops to enjoy a daily cup of Joe, they are political lobbyists trying to convert their patrons to a liberal agenda that contradicts established principles of our existing society. Its not about coffee, its about a global revolution over societies norms that are prohibitive against abortion, homosexuality, Second Amendment rights and other critically important considerations of our society. Starbucks and like minded multi-international corporations are in collusion with political leaders to dismantle American democracy with each environmentally green grande cup of coffee they sell. Politics through caffeine, a methodology of political intrigue that makes the C.I.A. appear as amateurs.

Institutional religions such as the Catholic Church, Christian denominations, Jewish synagogues and every other religious group that maintains principles that laud the dignity of each and every human life, oppose same-sex marriages and homosexuality along with the other moral and social platforms that contradict the traditional standards of morality and society are in danger because of Starbuck’s agenda of social reform.

When corporate conglomerates like Starbucks begin to influence and effect moral and social norms of our everyday lives it clearly indicates that something is wrong with our moral compass’ as a nation and a society. Individuals are not looking towards religion, they are looking towards moral solidarity with a faceless and soulless corporation for affirmation and sometimes absolution from their transgressions towards traditional norms of faith and social living. Perhaps this is why the lines for a double shot espresso are longer than those at Catholic confessionals! When corporations begin making proclamations regarding the type of customer they want to visit their business’, they stand in opposition to any norms of human rights and dignities that they hollowly proclaim. Most clearly such companies as Starbucks promote discrimination, exclusion and many other injustices that they claim to exault and uphold. Coffee is not coffee for Starbucks, it is a ideological weapon designed to modify and pacify their opponents.

Yes it is not about coffee, it is about the usurping of political and moral power over our American society. Catholics and other religious denominations that respect human rights and dignities as ultimately sacred need to find the morning coffee somewhere else. Make it yourself…it is really less expensive. Go to Dunkin’ Donunts ( still can’t understand what happened to Doughnuts,) or the local diner for the coffee. Whatever you do, stay away from the local Starbucks, its not about coffee for them, it is about control.

Control over they way you live, worship, pray and ultimately think and believe!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, however in this case, Starbucks is not about java!

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