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“Star Wars,” now re-titled by director George Lucas as “Star Wars: Episode IV– A New Hope,” first hit screens on May 25, 1977. On that day adults and children alike fell in love with a galaxy far, far away.

I thought I was much older than seven when I first saw Star Wars on the big screen. There must be some mistake! I can remember sitting in the theater with a big box of licorice in my lap, not knowing what I am about to embark on. Only one of the most influential pop culture phenomenon’s in American history.

To commemorate the anniversary, the U.S. Postal Service has released a set of 15 Star Wars stamps. The stamps are issued as a single sheet resembling a movie poster, and feature both main characters and space ships like the Millennium Falcon — arguably a character in its own right.

The 118th Tournament of Roses Parade kicked off the official celebration on January 1, 2007. “We’re really planning the next 30 years of Star Wars,” said Tom Warner, senior director of marketing for Lucasfilm Ltd. “Star Wars is one of the most popular and enduring entertainment franchises in the world, and there’s no better time than the 30th anniversary to look ahead to the future of that galaxy far, far away.”

Over the years, Star Wars fans have been delighted by the phenomenon and have celebrated its wonderful characters in many forms. From Halloween Costumes to are favorite lines, how many times have you said “Luke, I am your father”?

It has definitely stretched the imagination.

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