In a lot of science fiction there is real history portrayed either in books, tv shows, movies, or radio. Who can forget such things like war of the worlds. First brought to us by radio and then by movies and finally by tv series only to end up once again on the big screen. There have been science fictions books, magazines, comics that portray a world beyond our own, either to model ours after or to warn us against. But it has only become recent when science fiction becomes so big that not only is published on tv but in every kind of medium. What people wonder is what should be concidered truly apart of that science fiction universe? I believe it should be everything. If you write it, portray it visualizing that medium why should it matter if it is on tv visualized or in movies and then not in books.

That is what is going on in the science fiction universe star trek. Canon is concidered anything that has aired on tv or been in movies with the acception of the star trek animated series and not in written works. One reason is becuase it would take forever to read every story told and to document all the history told. Lazyness? Maybe. I believe that if you took enough time to write a story that it should be concidered part of the star trek universe and thus canon. Some may over lap or contradict history but that should be noted and included and the reader should then make up his own mind. After all what country on earth has the same kind of history told the same way? If their is battle and one side wins and the other side doesn’t how many time has it happend that the real account comes out to the people of those countries?

What I am saying is, Yes, their should be some kind of real history of the star trek universe. And I think there needs to be someone who sits down pulls all the pieces together and writes a full history of star trek with tv shows movies and books and really anything that falls into that history, star ships, wars, aliens. It would take a long time granted. But I think the book, or even the website should give a total account of the history of star trek and just say if historical events are cloudy this happened but it wasn’t a major item in star trek loure and it just kind of made the second page.

I feel some websites do this but they don’t finish. You have a database of ship designs but no history for the ships. You have a star fleet dry dock with ships but once again a very small amount of history of these ships. What I am saying is, lets have the true history come out. Don’t hide it because roddenbery said its not canon. Anything published should be considered canon and be worked into the star trek lure.

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