Let me start by saying that I am the farthest thing from a Trekkie. I could not tell you the difference between a Vulcan a Klingon or a Romulan. I know my Wookies and my Jedi’s but clueless on this side of the galaxy. So going into the new Star Trek epic I was standing on the hopes of director J.J. Abrams above anything else. If anyone could make Kirk and crew cool in my eyes it would be him. William Shatner had always been to me like the Roger Moore of the spy films. Sort of greasy and pompous and not someone I could like. Growing up I could not change the channel fast enough when I heard that annoying Start Trek opening theme. My reason for saying all of this is to let you know that my review is simply from a film standpoint and not as a Star Trek groupie. Is that clear? OK. Then just let me say this film was freaking amazing!

This edition chronicles the life of Captain James T Kirk (Chris Pine) from when he was simply a farm boy from Iowa and his journey to the helm of the Starship Enterprise. And not simply Kirk but also the entire crew is introduced as we watch the events that led them to becoming the most famous team in Sci-Fi TV history. Spock (Zachary Quinto) as the young genius Vulcan struggling with his human emotion. Plus Uhura, Sulu, and ‘Bones’ McCoy as academy cadets all trying to find their place in the final frontier. It is funny that even though I never watched the show, these names where still familiar to me. Granted not with the same impact as the lifelong fans but still enough that it was entertaining to be introduced. This crew of cadets led by Capt. Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) go out on what they think is a routine saving mission but find themselves head to head with a ticked off Romulan. As they put their training into action they establish the roles we find them in for future generations.

This film does everything correct for the genre. I seriously can find no flaw with it. From the casting to the pacing to the humor to the out of this world look and effects. It is exactly what a summer blockbuster and a Sci-Fi adventure should be. It meant very little that I was not a series fan. From the opening scene I was locked in and hooked. They waste little time setting up the story and the two hours fly by. Pine plays a perfect bad boy Kirk. He has enough of the attitude to offset the seriousness of Spock. That dynamic made for solid characters and lots of fun animosity. I found myself with a whole new respect for James T. The action is spot on and gone is the normal cheesy space elements that often plague a film like this. In its place is fast, in your face action that catapults you into a riveting ride. There is a lot of humor in this as well. Not slapstick by any means but well developed humanistic humor that makes the characters live and breath with personality.

Star Trek is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence, and brief sexual content. It is totally safe for those 10 and up and a great ride for all generations. Hearing the cheers and applause through out the film from the diehard Trek fans I can assume that this pays homage respectfully. As each character makes their appearance it was to whoops and yells from the audience. Part of me wishes I had know a little more about the main players as many times I felt left out of some of the excitement. But that did not hinder me from loving every minute. I very rarely give out perfect scores for films unless they meet the entire criteria for the genre and what the audience goes in to see. Star Trek does just that. Therefore I unashamedly give it 5 out of 5 of those things that beam people up. Whatever they are. This is a fantastic way to get into the summer film mindset. As a Sci-Fi action film it boldly goes where most films only attempt. So may the force be with you! Or Na-nu Na-nu! or Live Long and Prosper. Whatever, just go see it. You will not regret it.


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