Star Trek Trilogy

Think of this three-picture assortment as one wonderful, extended plug for the new reboot of the whole Star Trek franchise, and as a handy way to get the best of the last movie iteration in one efficient package. That is, if you don’t already have a set, as I am sure that most die-hard Star Trek fans already do, and in multiple formats. The crew of the Enterprise, aging with various degrees of grace, hit their stride with The Wrath of Khan (OMG, they killed Spock!) and The Search for Spock (OMG, he’s not really dead!), and were then diverted to earth of the present-day on a mission to save the whales; that last having something to do with a gigantic metal space-turd roaming through the galaxy spreading chaos and destruction where-ere it went and looking to have a quiet word with whales. This last adventure contained one of the most inadvertently hilarious lines ever; Kirk explaining Spock’s odd behavior to late 20th century San Franciscans: “He did too much LDS in the 60ies.” Believe me, that one line brought down the house in places like Utah; the home of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

The “extra” features are added on to the end of each disc, and are an agreeable and moderately interesting assortment. They do seem to be more oriented towards new viewers, rather than the sort of long-time dedicated fan gently parodied in “Galaxy Quest”, that fan who has memorized the exact positioning of every rivet in the Enterprise universe.

This DVD release is now available through and other retail outlets.

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