Star Trek has been around for forty years.  To commemorate the anniversary of the sci-fi television shows and movies John Wentworth, the executive vice president of communication at CBS Paramount Television, wanted to hold an auction where fans could purchase coveted pieces from the Star Trek franchise. 

The auction was held at Christie’s in New York, this past weekend.  The auction offered fans more than 1,000 various lots of merchandise, including models of the Starship Enterprise and costumes worn by Star Trek characters in production shoots. 

The auction was a huge success, netting more than $7 million.  Most items up for bid sold for more money than anticipated.  For example, it was believed that a model of the Starship Enterprise-D would fetch somewhere in the realm of $25,000.  The winning bid was for $576,000.  Captian Jean-Luc Picard’s chair sold for just over $62,000. 

Those that made purchases can now lay claim to owning a tangible piece of Star Trek history. 

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