An auction of memorabilia from the Star Trek franchise has exceeded all expectations of the staff running the auction at Christie’s in New York this week. Bidders from all over the world, with at least one dressed in an official Starfleet uniform, gathered to bid on the one of a kind items including a model of the Starship Enterprise E that went for $132,000 (which had a pre sale estimate of $8,000 – $12,000) and a 30-square-inch Borg cube model used in “Star Trek: First Contact,” that sold for $96,000 (pre sale value of $1,000 – $1,500). The original estimate for the three day auction by Christie’s was $2 million total but just from the first day alone, that estimate is said to be dramatically different. One of the most amusing moments of the first day? Hearing an auctioneer close an auction with “It’s with Picard then,” before adding, “A sentence I never thought I’d say.”

Star Trek memorabilia sale a big hit in New York (Reuters)

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