The first webisodes of the upcoming online science fiction series Sanctuary will be legally available to watch for free on various websites, creator Damian Kindler has announced.

“We will absolutely be making the first ‘weps’ available for free via You Tube, Google video and some other sites we’re still working on,” Kindler recently told fans on his blog. “Our goal is to make Sanctuary the first Internet-based sci fi ‘television’ series. To do that we are relying directly on you and the rest of the world to buy in and watch the episodes.”

Kindler, a former writer and producer of Stargate SG-1 and a writer on Stargate Atlantis, said that if people like what they see, they can also pay to watch webisodes in high definition on the show’s official website,

“We want people to be able to get a feel for the show for free and then see it in its true majesty in the awesome player we’re cooking up,” he said. “Seriously… you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Webisodes will be available to buy individually or in discounted bundles, said Kindler.

Sanctuary stars another Stargate SG-1 alumnus, Amanda Tapping (left). Tapping is Lt. Col. Samantha Carter in that soon-to-end series and will reprise the role in the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis. In Sanctuary, Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus, a scientist with a mission to study and protect the strange and sometimes hideous mutant creatures that are the key to the future of humanity.

The first 15-minute webisode of Sanctuary debuts May 14 and seven more webisodes will follow in the initial run. Once the show premieres, fans will be able to interact with the creators and explore digitally created locations from each webisode online. The series is produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Stage 3 Media.

Sources: Stage 3 Media

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