It has been reported that staff members at a dental clinic in Cairns, Australia, have refused to come into work due to concerns over exposure to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos. This is said to be the third asbestos scare that the clinic has had in the last year, and staff members are now refusing to come into the building.
Asbestos was present in the vinyl tiles of the building, which were then removed, and was also present in asbestos sheeting that was in the ceiling of the building. When the asbestos tiles were removed it was found that the ceiling had a water leak, and this caused concern over the safety of the asbestos ceiling.
Dr. Robyn Boase, the Cairns and Hinterland Health Service director of oral health, said: “About a year ago, asbestos sheeting in the ceiling of the administrative area of the dental clinic was disturbed when tradesmen were doing some electrical work.”
She added: “Asbestos tests were done, which came up positive for loose asbestos dust exposed by the electrical work. Just in case they were exposed at that time, staff were offered support to have medical appointments, chest X-rays and counseling. There were no health issues identified in these checks.”

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