It is time to hide the good silverware and lock up the virgins, the well known British band Stackridge are about to invade the US.  Just look at the havoc the Beatles created back in the 1960’s!

Stackridge are an interesting band with a very curious history. They formed in the early 70’s and seemed destined for greatness, there was no lack of talent, and that that was noted by the recording industry. With three albums under their belt and an ever growing fan base, it seemed that we were looking at another Supertramp, or even Genesis.

The music world is a volatile one, and yesterdays best friend becomes todays sworn enemy. In the mid 70’s Stackridge, like so many other bands before and after them, imploded like a black hole.

Time is a great healer and after more than 30 years four of the original band decided to give it one more try. 2007 was a great year for the loyal fans that had patiently waited these three long decades.

Stackridge was not a band that ever achieved airplay in the US, and it came as a great surprise when inside a box of promo DVD’s from a distributor I work with, was a new Stackridge recording, The Forbidden City. My first thought was “what the [word removed, this is a family friendly site]”

I liked the new treatment, the band had matured, and exuded fun, you can read my review here. I was also pleased to so that once again Mike Tobin was very much involved with them, Mike is a very nice guy and a great manager. You can find my short interview with him here.

Todays music world is a far different one from the 70’s, back then it was accepted, in fact encouraged to remain aloof from the fans. In fact that is the subject of a couple of articles I recently published here and here. Today a band must engage the fans. Stackridge has embraced that idea. They have a very active and interactive Yahoo group named Zorgansgal.

Through a strange twist of fate some of their music has received some air play on US television. It has taken months to arrange, but finally Stackridge will be making their US debut. They arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow, and on Monday will be taping a segment for the The Craig Ferguson Late Late Show on CBS.

I am delighted that at long last the US will get to learn about this eclectic bunch of Brits!

The details are still being hammered out, but I am hoping to do a live radio interview with the band on Tuesday Oct/27. It will be carried live on the internet, and should be during prime time in England. I will update this article as soon as we have the details.

Once again, if you live in the Los Angeles area hide the silverware and lock up the virgins!

Simon Barrett

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