I am sure that everyone is fed up with my St Pats posts, here and here. Lets face it, you can only have so much fun with cabbage! Musician Tokyo Rosenthal had a hit with his song St Patricks Day. I reached out and asked him to tell me the back story. But first listen to the song:

My daughter was a young student up at college as we approached March 17th back in 2008. Being the dutiful parent I found it my responsibility to put her on notice to  behave herself that night as it was, in my opinion, amateur hour from aspiring drunks.  The conversation I had with her eventually grew to, “It’s St. Patrick’s Day, I know what you’re doin!”. That line stuck in my head after I got off the phone with her. I immediately began to write the rest of the lyrics, basically making up a story of someone who really wasn’t her but fit the songs theme. I added some key adages for the bridge of the tune, ie “Did You Learn With Your Life, Did You Live With It Then”, and “They Say You Haven’t Lived, If You Have No Regrets”: These little bits of advice were more about me and my on going musical renaissance.

My daughter’s friends, knowing I wrote the song about her, loved it, several actually making it their ring tone. My daughter, who has seen me play it in concert many times to thundering applause, always objected to it. Her reasoning was, and still is, that her sister got a song on the same album called “Little Poetry Girl”, based on her award winning poetry career. She says, “My sister gets ‘Little Poetry Girl’ and you gave me a song that makes me sound like a lush!” I guess at some point I’ll have to write her a new tune though she and her new husband are portrayed in my tune, “Afterlife”. I did explain to her that her song received more airplay then her sister’s did and does so every March 17th! It also led to three, and soon four, tours of Ireland for me, if for no other reason, the title!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that my daughter went on to not only graduate college and law school, but is now a very successful attorney in New York City! In fairness, “Little Poetry Girl” also graduated law school and is now completing her Phd.  Classic over achievers!!

So there you have it! I had always viewed St Patricks Day as a rather sad song. Not so! Toke was being Toke!


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