David Schussler

So I’m sitting on the toilet, it’s six thirty AM, and I’m thinking about how good it is to be relieving myself of bodily toxins early in the morning. I’m going to have a good day. I’m remembering the lessons I learned while living alone in the bush and having time to understand my body and its functions. I remember that I fell asleep last night while watching the news thinking “what a complicated world we live in. Can we possibly extricate ourselves from the web of social and material disaster that we have created?” I believe that this exercise in bowel movement also cleared my brain for a moment to allow me to think clearly.

The settling of America (in particular) is quite peculiar in itself. People seeking new lands due to persecution, perceived persecution, prosecution, adventure, opportunity, or whatever, found this land and assumed that they could just move in and start a new life. Now this was a strange assumption in the first place because even in the lands where they came from property had to be earned and bought or at least traded for. Due to the generosity of some of the people already living here they were allowed to start up a new life as best they could. Now to digress for a moment, one thing I don’t understand is why did they start in a cold place? Why didn’t they start in a tropical place where they at least would not have to suffer the trials of shelter and clothing? Even in Europe there was a north and a south where even the most ignorant would know it was cold in the north and warm in the south. I think an immediate migration to the south would have been reasonable.

Now the Native Americans already living here didn’t believe that there was ownership of land, there were tribal boundaries, sacred lands, and places of spiritual and special use that were protected, but what the newcomers did was to start fencing and claiming land for personal use and private consumption without regard for the original inhabitants or each other. No macrobiotic wellbeing program was established, and harmony between mankind and nature was basically lost as the original settlements failed miserably for a variety of reasons. Is it any wonder?

Our ownership society has currently brought us to a point in life that is untenable. We keep reshuffling the cards to make it seem alright but it will continue to be a house of cards that we are constructing. We started off with an improper premise that we deserve whatever we can get through seduction, oppression, bribery, coercion, cronyism and war. How can we expect things to go right?

All of the lands (properties) which are constantly in contention were confiscated and then divided up with someone assuming authority over it while doling it out with the audacity to make papers for it and call it official claims and deeds. Now our society is struggling to “pay the mortgage”. “Foreclosure” is imminent. “The nations and the world’s economy are in danger”. Big freaking deal! Who gives a crap? Now I know why this all came to me while I was sitting on the toilet. The economy all needs to go to hell. We need to be brought to our knees so we can see what a foolish mess that we have allowed ourselves to get into and begin to climb out of it. We need to cleanse ourselves of some of the effluvia of society, government and life that is clogging our collective bowels and making us unhealthy.

Simplicity in life seems to have been lost as we weave our webs of society and culture. In life we need shelter, healthy food, pure water, fresh air, purpose, exercise, harmony. We need to respect “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. We need to believe that “All men [and women] are created equal”. We need to be our brother’s keeper. It is in the exercise of, and the adherence to, these principles, that we tend to get lost. Honesty, integrity and respect for one another have waned, hence, 1,143,358 Lawyers as of 2007 in the US alone. The “true size” of the federal government stands at 14.6 million employees, [Paul C. Light, a government professor at New York University]. The federal budget in 2007 was 2730 billion dollars and things are looking much worse for this year and the next. The current bailout of the financial system has every taxpayer currently owing over five thousand dollars to pay the debt while unemployment rises, loans default, credit fails, and people cannot pay their bills. Endemic as it is, the problems carry to all parts of the world with few exceptions. Only those who have little, have little or nothing to lose. Those who choose to live off of the land, and those who are condemned to do so, remain untouched by this human dilemma, but that leaves the rest of us to suffer the consequences of the actions or inactions of ourselves and our elected decision makers.

The complicity of our economic systems and social governing, all based on trust and mis-trust are clogging and bankrupting our lives and currently we are suffering a national constipation (back to the toilet analogy). The fluidity of our lives is slowing to a great stop. Money and trade are like the blood flow of our economy which represents the health of our nation. Our hearts would not work with just a promise of blood to flow to it; it requires the reality of the flow. Our economy, likewise is suffering from the lack of integrity, honesty, and intuitive care for the well being of our prosperity. We have clogged it with a credit crisis. We have caused this by failure to use common sense and perception of right and wrong. We have failed to make our own decisions, following others and allowing them to think for us, and always looking for a way to make easy money and be lazy. We are constantly looking for someone else to take care of us, coddle us and watch out for us, hence, the large government, entitlement mentality, excess of lawyers, and huge debt.

Even as our Christian founders believed about themselves that they were imperfect sinners at birth, our nation was founded from a default position with a bill of rights intended at the premise that our founders knew that we were destined to fail in personal and moral ways, so why would we be bewildered at the condition and position of our nation and the world today? It was predestined.

Those people who are considered centrists today are the radicals of yesterday. Creating paper money, leaving the gold system, creating an international credit dependency, hedging, dealing futures, insurance, these were all radical ideas in the past, and for good reason. Now they are all accepted practices and normal in the world’s daily transactions along with many other paper or cyber manipulations of economy that mostly exist on paper or in the nebula of cyberspace. Without the bulge of our pockets it’s hard to tell how much money we have. We have to rely on anonymous sources to keep us advised of our wealth, assets, and debits even as individuals. Think about government accountability. Think about those times when you make an error in your checkbook or overspend your budget. What about those times you purchase something impulsively that you really don’t need? Now multiply that by a million, no a billion, no! a trillion. That’s our government in action. Just a bunch of people like you and I screwing up just a little. It’s huge and that is why we need small government. We elected them and approved them, we support them and they are taking our life’s blood…our hard earned money. All of these politicians and government employees do nothing more than manage the monster that we have created, born of greed and laziness.

Our national prosperity was not created by government. It was created by freedom, inventiveness, industry, entrepreneurship, and just plain hard work. Our freedom and prosperity, as well as our natural resources, are the envy of other nations so we do need a national military, but how on earth did our government get involved in education?, infrastructure?, health and welfare?, transportation?, energy? These are projects that are best left up to private sector, state organizations and industry. Intelligence and creativity should not be left up to politicians many of whom have never worked a day in the practical and social atmosphere that is necessary to learn and apply common sense and problem solving. With the exception of an interstate highway which was created for national protection, what is the need for national government intervention in our lives? It is a monster that we created that now takes a large portion of our personal wealth (forcibly) with a huge and totally unnecessary IRS cost, and pisses it away as we watch and do nothing.

Initially our confederation and ultimately federation was formed to centralize resolve for empowering us to go to war, have a unified foreign policy, and to resolve conflicts between states. Congress is nothing more than the states voting on what the federal government should do. One of the most important amendments to the constitution is rarely quoted, it is the 9th amendment which states “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”. The “others” that are referred to are our inalienable rights otherwise known as freedom and liberty. We have slowly but surely self usurped ourselves hoping the “Big Poppa” of government will take care of our every need.

Our government now is huge and involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Why? It reminds me of a stop light I encountered in a remote area once. I assume it was put there because a relative of some politician was killed or injured there. You could see clearly for at least a mile in every direction, long before the intersection but when I arrived at the light I stopped because it was red. It didn’t change so I waited for about five minutes and eventually went through it having an epiphany thinking about how controlled we were becoming mentally by being reduced to not having to reason and use our common sense. We are allowing ourselves to be controlled by all of the signs and lights and constant direction. I envisioned an animated M.C.Esher drawing of automobiles with people all over the planet starting and stopping in various directions, all in unison, all at the same time. I didn’t see another car for at least a half hour of driving. Much of my childhood was spent in towns with no stop lights or signs. You actually had to pay attention to traffic, slow down and look to see if it was clear and if it was you could go. Simple, no problems, no tickets for being sensible, and very few accidents. A traffic accident occurs in the US every six seconds today and there are an abundance of deaths and injuries due to accidents at stop lights and signs because people have been conditioned to not think, but rather just follow the directions. This is what government has been doing to us for years with our permission. We have given away our ability to think and reason for ourselves to our elected officials and local authority. In order to create a safe environment (we think) we have surrendered our freedom and ability to protect our families and property yet there is more injury and crime than ever. In doing this we have also created a monster of a government body that overwhelmingly takes our well earned money and squanders it foolishly and for what? For the sole purpose of perpetuating themselves.

What about this complicated system of taxation and collection? If you gave this as a problem to a class of fifth graders I bet they could arrive at a simple tax solution fair for all and acceptable to all. That’s how simple it really is. In fact, that is a challenge I would gladly give to our children today. You could take any problem that exists in the world today and the children of the world would solve it to the satisfaction of any reasonable person. Only those with egos and false pride would not agree. The honesty and pure unadulterated (not subverted and contaminated by an adult) thinking of a child will always trump the audacity of a fool. What we need is a think tank of five to ten year olds to revise and adjust our world. They deserve it since they are about to inherit huge debt and world problems created by us.

First of all if we cut the government to what it should be doing, it would only be a tiny fraction of what it is now both in personnel and cost. Secondly, our government employees, whatever the rank, should not make any more than the average other working person. The reward for dedication to country is satisfaction of a job well done and the admiration and respect of all. Teachers should all be respected and paid well by the people whose children are being taught. Unions and greed and entitlement mentality have created a body of youth that have no respect for teachers and a parental uninvolvement that subverts the education of our children and tenders it to the whims of government involvement. Government and unions have also subverted the spirit and incentives of those who still believe that if you work harder and smarter and can be more productive, you can earn more, save more, and have more. This is why so many try to start their own businesses and why small businesses comprise the largest work force in our country. It is because they understand that hard work can be rewarded. The American experiment is the envy of the world yet the spirit of capitalism is being subverted by our own government little by little.

Currently we have our government railing against the monetary control by unions regarding the manipulation of employees pay and benefits for the United Auto Workers. This is causing an inflated cost array that puts American workers and industry at a disadvantage with international competition, yet government employees are also unionized. How could this be? What ever incentivized the government employees to become unionized? If our government assumes that it understands employer/employee relationships so well, how did we get to this point? The original purpose of unions was to protect employees against greedy, dangerous, and thoughtless employment policies and practices. This only exemplifies that either our government as an employer fails to practice what it preaches and alienates its own employees with the same greed and thoughtlessness or is just plain stupid. I believe it is both.

Today we have the government throwing our money at the “problems” that seem to have reared their ugly heads suddenly with a propensity to bankrupt our country. There is nothing sudden about the problems. Moving from a secured currency, we immediately placed ourselves in a destabilized economy. Many believed that we would eventually be bitten in the butt by this move, and we have. Little by little we moved into even less secure currency and then into non-secured credit and credit trading to boot. Simple grade school economics would tell us that any major national incident could upset the house of cards that our government and finance mavens built. Worse yet the same people that allowed the country to get into the fix that we are in are still there, in congress, in industry, and on Wall Street now, inflatedly taking command of the “cure”. All puffed up and righteous they are attempting to fool us into more of the same as they bloviate and try to appear livid and spew out blame and invectives in an attempt to make themselves appear important, innocent, and useful. This is what our congress does; too much of nothing. I would challenge folks to watch your leaders in congress for one week instead of your favorite programs and you would see to a person that your government in action is a complete failure and congress is a house full of fools (that we’ve elected). It is always easy to pick out the few thoughtful, practical, intelligent individuals that shine with their idealistic and common sense views that never even get heard beyond the two minutes of explanation given to a mostly empty and unwatched house.

Today we are watching headline news indicating a complaint was filed against the governor of Illinois as he is embroiled in an attempt to sell president elect Obama’s empty senatorial seat for personal gain. This is just one instance of power brokering that exemplifies the state of our government. Is one to believe that this is an isolated situation? With the enormous amount of elected and appointed representation in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of local, state and federal government, you can be sure that what is happening in Illinois is commonplace in all phases of our over bloated government. The complicity of unions, dishonest industry moguls, news media, and Wall Street make the problem even greater. Who suffers? We do.

We have given ourselves up in trust to those who have and will continue to rape us; those who have raped our parents, and if we do nothing, will rape our children. We deserve the ability to work hard and earn at least a simple living in a safe environment without excessive taxation. We have forgotten the main rule, the KISS rule; Keep It Simple Stupid. What a bunch of idiots we have been, and if we fail to pay attention we will be condemned to continue down this road to the detriment of our children and grandchildren. My squash soup tells it all. It is simple and delicious, five ingredients cooked to perfection and absolutely delicious. Everyone seems to like it, it is healthy, yet it is simple. Why not a government like that?
I’m going to go make some squash soup…comfort food…you figure it out.


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