It is an event that only happens nine times this century, and today is one of them, the day and month are the square root of the year, in other words 3 X 3 = 9, and today is March third 09 or 3/3/09. So today is Square Root Day.

In fact one enterprising soul Ron Gorden a teacher out of Redwood California decided to hold a competition, the cash prize? Of course it is $339!

Get out there and celebrate because the next Square Root Day won’t be until April 4 2016!

Exactly how one celebrates Square Root Day is not clear. One suggestion that I heard involved food. Make a dish with root vegetables cut into neat squares, or for the more culinary advanced maybe make French Fry’s in the shape of the Square Root symbol?

Alas Square Root Day does not have any official standing with the Government, so other than myself, few people will get a vacation, but there again everyday is a vacation for me! The banks will be open, and there will be mail delivery. I recommend that we all call our members of congress and urge them to pass a law for the official recognition of Square Root Day! The first decade of the 21st century has been a bumper 10 years for Square Root Day, we have had 1/1/01 and 2/2/04 already!

Get out there and do something special to celebrate this great day!

Simon Barrett

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