I hate being held hostage by a piece of software, particularly one that I didn’t want in the first place. You can read my story about Enigma Software and their SpyHunter 4 product here.

Realizing that Enigma Software had no intentions of helping me in the quest, emails and trouble tickets are being ignored. I wasn’t asking for much, merely how to get rid of the noxious thing that had taken up residence within the depths of my computer. In the good old days, you just delete the offending file or directory and went on your merry way. Microsoft Windows has changed all that, these days it takes an act of congress to get rid of unwanted software. Todays environment puts the user at a disadvantage, the software can be belligerent like a naughty two year old and just refuse to obey.

Viruses and other bits of malware can be very difficult to get rid of. And for many people result in shelling out money to a ‘computer geek’ to fix the problem. Ironically just as difficult to swat on the head are some so called ‘Security Products’. Symantec and McAfee are good examples. One or other will likely come bundled with your new brand name computer. But understand, they are not free. They are a free trial, usually 30 days. After that, you have to subscribe.

My big beef for the past few days is with Enigma Software and their SpyHunter 4 software. I view it as ‘ransom ware’.

As the (The Lack of) Support people seemed unwilling to help I decided to take matters into my own hands. It took me a couple of hours of trial and error, but have discovered a simple system for getting rid of Enigma Software and the insidious SpyHunter 4.

Step 1. Drink a beer to steady your nerves. You are about to enter the wild world of computer geeking.

Step 2. Click Start/search and enter Regedit. This will take you to the system registry. This is a place where you should measure twice and cut once. It is not a vacation spot and changing stuff inadvertently will end in tears. Do a find on Enigma. You should see two entries, Enigma Software and under it SpyHunter 4. Nuke them by right clicking on the and selecting delete. Close regedit.

Step 3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. This is critical as it stops Windows loading all of the regular junk and SpyHunter in particular. Getting to safe mode is done by pressing F8 as the computer restarts.

Step 4. Use Windows Explorer to look inside the Program Files folder. Nuke the folder Enigma Software. Right click and select delete.

Step 5. Restart your computer.

Step 6. Have another beer and rejoice. The problem is fixed. You might also want to let the good folks at Enigma Software that you will not be sending them $39, or whatever ransom they are asking for, the email address is support@enigmasoftware.com.

Simon Barrett

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